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ULTRA White Maeng Da Capsules



(Finely Packed Kratom Capsules – 500 mg per Capsule)

Our “ULTRA” White Maeng Da Kratom is one of our most potent Kratom varieties and is also one of the most potent ones too. Users have reported strong energy, stimulation, and well-being which helps with mentally and physically intensive work.

ULTRA White Maeng Da is great for those who labor long hours during the day. It has also been shown to provide “Mood Enhancement” properties, which make you feel more sociable and joyful. Many find it a powerful solution to depression/anxiety and or disorders of that nature.

It also has fairly decent analgesic properties that lend it to help with arthritis, backaches, and even debilitating diseases. Overall this is a very powerful strain that can be used during the day for all-around clarity, focus, energy, and relief.

The best dosing for White Maeng Da is in the range of 2.5-5 grams, up to 2x per day. The duration of effect is 3-5 hours. Always start with a low dose to assess individual tolerance.

Pros – Extremely Stimulating, High Energy and Focus, Combats Lethargy and Fatigue, Uplifts Mood and Sense of Well Being, Extremely Powerful
Cons – Nauseating at High Doses, Better Analgesic Strains Available, Better Strains Available for Sedation and Relaxation

ULTRA White Malay Capsules



(Finely Packed Kratom Capsules – 500 mg per Capsule)

Our “ULTRA” White Malay Kratom is invigorating, stimulating, and quite well-rounded for daily use. However, its greatest use is shown in its ability to produce a mood-enhancing and euphoric effect within moments of use.

Our users report a sense of joy, happiness, and productivity within minutes of use. ULTRA White Malay also produces bodily warmth and a feeling of comfort. Although it is a white strain, it’s not the strongest White Kratom strain in terms of stimulation. In fact, it’s actually quite subtle in its energy enhancement.

This is great for those who may want a nice steady stream of energy but not something that could be considered “overstimulating.” Users report mild analgesic properties as well that can help with daily activities that involved repetitive use of muscles, tendons, and joints.

This is a great “Office Kratom” for those who work in that type of setting. Overall, this is a very clean strain and would be a great “starter” Kratom for someone who is using the herb for the first time.

The duration of effect is about 3-5 hours, depending on the dose. The typical dosage has been reported at 3-6 grams up to 2x per day. Always start with a low dose to assess tolerance.

Pros – Produces Euphoria/Joy and Warmth, Elevates Mood and Sociability, Mild Stimulant, Great For First Time Users
Cons – Less Stimulating Than Other White Strains, Low Analgesic Properties, and Not as Sedating as Other Strains.

ULTRA White Samarinda Capsules



(Finely Packed Kratom Capsules – 500mg per Capsule)

Our “ULTRA” White Samarinda Kratom is in the same family as other “White Vein” Kratom and because of this offers stimulation, energy and mental focus support. Users report that this is a great strain for fighting anxiety and depression while keeping the user focused and positive during stressful situations.

Users report that this is a fairly strong White Kratom strain. This means it delivers potent energy and stimulation. This strain can be used by those who require mental focus for long periods of time such as that needed during studying, working long hours, or even for those who work “overtime.”

Most users report that this strain is best used first thing in the morning upon waking up to “Get Going,” or mid-day when a nice “boost” is needed. Our “Ultra” White Samarinda is a strong and powerful strain that delivers a nice clean surge of energy to get and keep the user going.

It’s also very effective as a “Pre-Workout Aid” for those engaging in exercise. Users report a dose of 3-5 grams of 2x per day as being the typical dose.

Average duration of effect is anywhere between 3-5 hours depending on dosing. Always start with a low dose to assess tolerance.

Pros – Produces Strong Energy, Clean Mental Focus, Motivation and Clarity, Helps With Anxiety and Depression
Cons – Strong and Stimulating, Not Sedating, Can Be Too Strong For Some, Mild Pain Relief Properties

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