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About Us

Welcome to Purity Kratom Co.

Whether this is your first purchase or your 100th purchase of Kratom, we believe that quality matters.. in fact, it mattered so much to us that we built Purity Kratom Company to ensure that our friends like you could get their hands on the absolute best Kratom in the world. You see, we’re 2 guys that absolutely Love Kratom and we’ve been using it for years.. in fact neither of us would be here if it wasn’t for Kratom.. It quite literally…Saved Both of Our Lives!…But, we’ve found that Kratom quality varies.. and some batches pack a punch while others don’t! Unfortunately this problem is becoming wide-spread in the “Kratom World” and we wanted to know why? Why was is that one batch of White Maeng Da pushed our energy and focus through the roof and one required us drink 2x as much powder to get the same effect? 

So.. we did what any connoisseur would do and packed up our bags and made the trek from the USA to Indonesia (The Source of Kratom) It was during our visit and our conversation with some very old farmers that we discovered exactly why Kratom was becoming hit or miss.. why in some cases you felt the effects with a small dose and in other cases you felt nothing. For those of you who don’t know, Kratom is a plant.. well a tree to be exact, that produces a leaf which contains a series of alkaloids that when ingested can create effects in the body that some consider magical. Some users report immediate relief of debilitating pain, discomfort, and aches that were with them all their life. In fact many Kratom users routinely stop taking dangerous habit forming narcotics that had them enslaved for years. 

Other people find clarity, focus and energy that helps them once again be productive in life! Then there are those who simply enjoy the calming warmth, peace, happiness and tranquility that some strains bring them. We found that one of the biggest challenges Kratom users face is that farmers in Indonesia are harvesting and supplying Kratom Leaves from very young trees.. some less than 2 years old! Kratom Trees need at least 3 and preferably 5 years before they develop the full alkaloid profile that results in the strongest effect of the leaf. This is why some batches are a hit and others are a complete miss. The other important piece of the Kratom puzzle has to do with the drying of the Kratom Leaf. Drying the leaf correctly results in the variation of strains and the best quality of strains.

If the drying is rushed or done improperly, a strain can become weak and not deliver the result you’re after or have come to expect. Our visit to Indonesia concluded with the realization that we could only count on using the best Kratom if we had multiple safeguards in place (Our 7 “Ultra” Standards) to ensure each part of the process was followed with strict adherence to the standards necessary to create the leaves with the highest % yield of active alkaloids. Then we decided.. Heck.. lets share it with our friends! 

It’s with great pride that we offer you Purity Kratom, Kratom the way God intended for it to be delivered..(natural, pure and 100% organic) coming from mature Kratom trees that deliver the highest yielding Kratom alkaloids possible. Thank you for visiting Purity Kratom we are 100% sure that our Kratom Blends are the best you’ve ever tried.


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