Nootropics & Kanna

Hello Kanna Happy Pak – Mood Boosting and Stress Relief Packs 6 Capsules/Pack


Kanna is a succulent plant originating in South Africa which has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicines for its mood-boosting and anxiety-reducing properties.

These Happy Kanna capsules contain Kanna extract for those  benefits plus Nootropic benefits and added vitamins and extracts for health.


Purple Magic

  • Enjoy clear mood enhancement
  • Social Lubricant (feel confident)
  • Enjoy Happiness and Focus
  • Feel Joy and Anxiety Relief
  • Use as an Alcohol Substitute
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Physician designed


White Magic

  • Experience Bliss
  • Relax and Chill
  • Joy & Happiness
  • Feel Great & Social
  • Use as an Alcohol Substitute
  • Unwind and De-Stress
  • Physician designed



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