Ultra Green Powder

Ultra Green Elephant Powder


Anxiety Relief, Mood Support

Ultra Green Elephant Powder Kratom is named after the large “Elephant Ear” like leaves that are highly stimulating and moderately euphoric. Users will feel heightened energy and well being.

Some will also notice an increase in focus and mental clarity. Most people find that energy delivery is clean and smooth rather than anxious and uncomfortable.

Users will also experience mild pain relief although not as potent as some of the other Kratom strains. The green strain offers clean energy that is “Middle of The Road” when compared to the “White Strains.”

Moderate dosing of 3-5 grams up to 2x per day has been reported as common by our users. Duration of effect is 2-3 hours. Always start with a low dose to assess tolerance.

Pros – Energy, Mood Enhancement, Energy and Focus, Not Overstimulating
Cons – Not a Strong Pain Reliever. Can Cause Nausea and Disorientation at High Doses

Ultra Green Entikong Powder



Our “ULTRA” Green Entikong Kratom is harvest from a forest located in the Entikong Village in West Borneo. It gives the user a noticeable uplifting and energizing effect.

This particular strain works very well when you need mood elevation and an increase in attentiveness (like studying or work.) It is a strongly euphoric strain that works well to combat feelings of anxiety and depression.

Most users feel that it’s not overly stimulating and offers clean steady energy that helps you completely almost any task. The typical effect of this strain last about 3-4 hours at a dose of 2-5grams. Some users can take up to 10grams although you should always start with a low dose to assess tolerance.

Pros – Highly Mood Boosting, Helps Fight Depression and Anxiety, Provides Focus and Clarity Without Over Stimulation
Cons – Not a Strong Pain Reliever, May Not Be Stimulating Enough For Some

Ultra Green Horn Powder



Our “ULTRA” Green Horn Kratom is named after the pointed tips on the leaf of the Kratom plant and is known to be a very balanced Kratom strain.. You could say the effect is similar to being between a red and white strain.

This strain is mildly euphoric and mildly stimulating. Users will feel up-lifted, happy and experience centeredness and focus. It’s a great strain to use for daily activities like work, exercise or anything that requires continued attention and focus.

We have also found that users report mild feelings of relaxation, stress relief and mild pain relief. Some will find that it starts of delivering a feeling of energy and then switches over to a feeling of calmness after a few hours.

Doses in the range of 2.5-5g up to 2x per day seem to be the most commonly used. Always start with a low dose and asses your tolerance accordingly.

Pros – Increase in Mood, Energy and Focus. Moderate Pain Relief, Does Not Cause Fatigue
Cons – Not a Strong Pain Reliever, May Not Be Stimulating Enough For Some

Ultra Green Maeng Da Powder


Energy, Focus and Power

Our “ULTRA” Green Maeng Da is harvested from the most mature trees in the Indonesian country side to provide a very strong and steady state of energy, focus and mental power.

Users of this strain will find that the onset of its effect is very rapid and that they will notice a mood elevation and laser beam focus on all mental activities.

Users of this strain will also notice they have a pronounced feeling of positivity and euphoria that lasts for up to 5 hours at a moderate dose (3-5 grams per day).

Some users will use up to 10gr per day in divided doses for more potent effects. Always start slow and assess your tolerance before increase the dose.

Pros – High Energy, Mental Focus and Clarity. Stimulates Well Being and Happiness. Works Rapidly (30 minutes or less)
Cons – Not a strong pain reliever. Can cause nausea and disorientation at high doses

Ultra Green Scarlet Powder



Our “ULTRA” Green Scarlet kratom is a special blend of Green Strains that encompass the best of all that a Green Strain has to offer.

This is a very simple clean blend that offers mood support, happiness, joy and a complete sense of well-being. The energy effects are not too intense but nice and clean. This is a great aid to those who may suffer from mid day slumps or seasonal depression, anxiety or overall feelings of sluggishness.

We like to call this “Turbo Charged” coffee that lasts for 4-5 hours.

“ULTRA” Green Scarlet is one of our most popular strains and will help anyone who uses it feel great. Starting dose is 3-5gr up to 2x per day. Some users take 10gr per day in divided doses.

Pros – Mental Boost, Clean Energy, Happiness/Joy, Feelings of Warmth, Anxiety Relief
Cons – Not a Strong Pain Reliever, May Not Be Stimulating Enough For Some

Ultra Super Green Borneo Powder



Our “ULTRA” Super Green Borneo Kratom originates in Southeast Asia and is an extremely balanced Strain. This means that it will provide the user with a very “middle of the road” feeling.

This is a great strain for daytime use or as a substitute for caffeine or coffee. It works relatively fast to help improve focus, drive and mental stamina.

Users report an overall feeling of “Well Being” with notable energy and clarity. This strain is usually used at around a dose of 2.5-5g up to 2x per day for best effects. Always start with a low dose to assess tolerance.

Pros – Calmness and Balanced Feeling, Long Acting, Not Extremely Strong
Cons – Not a Strong Pain Reliever, May Not Be Stimulating Enough For Some, Nausea at High Doses


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