Hello Kanna Hello Calm – Calmness, Wellness and Relaxing – 6 Capsules/Pack


Calmness, Wellness and Relaxing feelings of bliss is what you’ll experience with Happy Calm. With a relaxing blend of Kanna, Vitamins and Nootropics
This is a favorite among our clients for the relaxing feelings that it gives while improving mood, and easing worry. Try Hello Calm today!



Hello Kanna Hello Calm, made from the directly-sourced and pure Kanna harvested from the South African jungles, is a perfect solution to throw an energy boost to your day. Whether you have low vibes or feel tired continuously, Hello Kanna Hello Calm has surprising and elevating effects for you with its single capsule.

There are millions of users of Kanna all over the globe, and they are all used for the same reason; strong exceptional effects and mineral-rich profile. And these effects are a result of the greater amount of alkaloids present in it. In short, an optimum dose of Hello Kanna Hello Calm and fill your life with energy, positivity and good vibes.

Each pack of Hello Kanna Hello Calm contains 6 capsules containing Kanna content.

Pros: strong effects, long-lasting effects, mineral-rich profile

Cons: bitter taste, hard consumption, earthly aroma

The moment you decide to choose Hello Kanna as your herb partner is exactly the moment you open the doors of absolute experiences to yourself. With the help of the wash and toss method, once you take your Kanna dose, you will get to experience its potent and long-lasting effects within a few minutes of consuming it.

  • The Kanna is 100% pure, fresh and harvested from matured trees by expert and experienced farmers.
  • No preservatives, flavours or additional chemicals are added during the manufacturing of this product.

Main Ingredient: Sceletium tortuosum

  • Each capsule is manufactured under strict quality control guidelines of “Good Manufacturing Practices” standards.
  • Each capsule is manufactured in a full cGMP Complaint Facility.

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