Hush Nano Kratom Shot – 10mL


This product contains approximately the equivalent of 9 grams of plain leaf Kratom powder. Hush utilizes nano technology with the kratom alkaloids to make the following improvements to the Hush Kratom shot as per the manufacturer’s packaging:

  • More Rapid Onset
  • Sustained Release
  • Longer Lasting
  • Improved Taste


Your daily Kratom just got better.

We plan to fill the void this season using a better alternative. The all-new Hush Nano Kratom Shot for sale is unlike any ordinary Kratom products you have used so far. It characterizes a special spark with a much more improved flavour.

Key Takeaway

  • Exciting New and Improved Flavor
  • Long-lasting Sustained Effects
  • Rapid Onset
  • More Absorbing

The powdered form of Kratom is too old-school. Isn’t it?

These shots will give you all that you need in a matter of seconds! And provide you with instant relief from all the everyday issues you fight with.

Latest Technology

Our premium Hush Nano Kratom Shots 10 ML are the most potent form of Kratom Extracts made using the latest Nanotechnology. It provides users with an immediate rush of relaxation and keeps all sorts of disruptions at bay.

Better Performance

Our shots feature a much more rapid onset of action than all the other Speciosa Extracts you will ever find in the market. 

It provides you with immediate mood-enhancing effects. Thanks to Nanotechnology, that allows users to experience the highest alkaloid concentration with an all-new exciting flavour.

Beat It All With A Shot!

You can shop online our best quality Kratom shots to revel in the pure joy of an exquisite flavour for longer periods.

Now that’s got something to do with the taste.

The refreshing natural lemon flavour satisfies your taste buds and transit you to another world. Besides, each bottle contains 10ml of full spectrum 100% natural extract of the highest quality. This is just what you need at the end of a tiring day or to kick-start a bustling morning

Offers A lot More Than You Can Imagine

Do you know that a 10ml bottle of Hush Nano Kratom Shot includes equal to 9g of 100% pure leaf powder?

Well, that’s true!

Hush uses nanotechnology to take your Kratom experience to a whole new level. The quantity is enough to fight fatigue, sleeplessness and discomfort all in one go, all with one shot.

Hush Extract- Too Good To Be True!

Our Hush Extract is a concentrated form of natural and pure Kratom leaf carefully grown in the fertile lands and dense forests of Southeast Asia. 

Our veteran farmers harvest the Kratom tree at its optimum maturity and cultivate it organically to lock in the greatest taste and strength. The resulting extract enhances the experience.

Meeting The Quality Standards

We always make sure to add a touch of perfection to our products. 

Each batch is lab tested before it is delivered to our customers. We aim to meet the highest quality International Standards. And our team makes sure that the manufacturing quality is never compromised.

  • Third-Party Lab Tested For Quality Assurance
  • cGMP Approved (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) 
  • Licensed and Certified by AKA (American Kratom Association)

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Disclaimer: Is It FDA Approved?

The Food and Drug Administration has not reviewed any of the renditions made about these products.

This product is not meant to be used to treat, diagnose, or prevent any illness or disease. All the information provided here cannot be relied on as a replacement for advice from healthcare professionals. Before using any product, you must consult a doctor or healthcare expert about potential interactions.

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